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Lou Pagliaro
A Retrospective of Lou Pagliaro courtesy of Tim Boggan and Dean Johnson

A Retrospective of Bernie Bukiet courtesy of Tim Boggan and Dean Johnson


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Previous Volumes: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI  are also available for purchase.

United States Table Tennis Hall of Fame Profiles

by Tim Boggan, USATT Historian (Copyright 2012)

To begin with, I’ve alphabetized the (Jan. 1, 2012) Roster of all the 87 players and 47 officials/contributors who’ve been inducted into the USATT Hall of Fame. (Founded in 1966 by Steve Isaacson, its Induction Banquet initiated in 1979, it now has a 9-member Board of Directors under President Dick Evans). In some cases an inductee’s versatility/longevity makes classification difficult--but, regardless, he/she’s always been brought in under just one category. My aim is to give readers, irrespective of the category or chronological order of induction, the Profiles I’ve already written (though some may later need touching up or expanding), then gradually follow with the remainder.
Here, then, is the current Roster (130 strong):

*indicate Inductee has received the new (as of Dec. 16, 1999) USATT Hall of Fame Annual Mark Matthews Lifetime Achievement Award. (See listing at end.) 

USATT Hall of Fame Inductees

AARONS, Ruth Hughes (Player--inducted 1966)--Parts I and II
ACTON, Sharon (Player--inducted 1983)
AKI, Shonie (Official--inducted 1997)
*ANDERSON, Mal (Official--inducted 1997)
BELLAK, Laszlo (Player--inducted 1980)--Part I
BELLINI, Valleri Smith (Player--inducted 1983)--Part I
BENGTSSON, Angelita Rosal (Player--1996)
BERENBAUM, Abe (Player--inducted 1979)
BHUSHAN, Insook (Player--inducted 1993)
BLATTNER, Robert "Bud" (Player--inducted 1979)
BOGGAN, Eric (Player--inducted 2003)
BOGGAN, Scott (Player--inducted 2001)
*BOGGAN, Joseph R. "Tim" (Official--inducted 1985)
*BOZORGZADEH, Houshang (Contributor--inducted 1987)
*BRAITHWAITE, George (Player--inducted 1989)
BUI, Quang (Player--inducted 2011)
BUKIET, Bernard (Player--inducted 1981)
BURNS, Charles "Chuck" (Player--inducted 1984)
BUTLER, Jim (Player--inducted 2011)
CARTLAND, Douglas (Player--inducted 1984)
CHENG, Yinghua (Player--inducted 2000)
CHOTRAS, Bernice Charney (Player--inducted 1983)--Part I
CINNATER, Elmer F. (Official--inducted 1979)
CLARK, Coleman (Official--inducted 1979)
CLOUTHER, Mae (Player--inducted 1984)
*DANNER, Fred (Official--inducted 1993)
(Player--inducted 2006)
DEMPSEY, Mike (Player--inducted 2002)
DETROITER (Contributor--inducted1979)
DILLON, Wendell (Official--inducted 2007)
EK, Otto F. J. (Official--inducted 1981)
EVANS, Richard "Dick" (Contributor--inducted 1998)
FENG, Amy (Player--inducted 2010)
FIELDS, Bobby (Player--inducted 1988)
FOLKE, Peggy McLean (Player--inducted 1980)
FOX, Bob (Contributor --inducted 2009)
FULLER, Emily (Player--inducted 1979)
GAO, Jun (Player--inducted 2009)
GEE, Diana (Player--inducted 2009)
GENERAL SPORTCRAFT CO., LTD. (Contributor--inducted 1979)
GREEN, Bob (Contributor--inducted 2000)
GROSS, Sanford (Contributor--inducted 1991)
GUIILLEN, Ray (Player--inducted 2007)
GUNN, William A. (Official--inducted 1980)--Part I
*GUSIKOFF, Bobby (Player--inducted 1984)
*HARRISON, J. Rufford (Official--inducted 1984)
HARVARD TABLE TENNIS CO. (Contributor--inducted 1981)
HAWTHORN, Davida (Player--inducted 1994)
HAZI, Tibor (Player--inducted 1981)--Part I
HEITNER, Sydney (Player--inducted 1997)
HENDRY, George (Player--inducted 1984)
HICKS, Richard (Player--inducted 2001)
HOARFROST, Judy Bochenski (Player--inducted 1997)
HOCK, Bernard (Contributor--inducted 1984)
HODGE, Bill (Contributor--inducted 2008)
HODGES, Larry (Contributor--inducted 2003)
HOEY, Chuck
(Contributor--inducted 2008)
HOLZRICHTER, William C. (Player--inducted 1980)
HOWARD, Jack (Player--inducted 1994)
IBRAHIM, Azmy (Contributor--inducted 2010)
ICHKOFF, Peggy (Player--inducted 1987)--Part I
ISAACSON, Steve (Contributor--inducted 1994)
JACOBSON, Jimmy (Player--inducted 1985)
KAMINSKY, Barbara Chaimson (Player--inducted 1985)--Part I
KIMBLE, Alice Green (Player--inducted 1995)
KLEIN, Erwin (Player--inducted 1981)
KRONLAGE, Yvonne (Contributor--inducted 1994)
KUENZ, Dolores Probert (Player--inducted 1979)
LAWRENCE, Herwald (Contributor--inducted 1996)
LEE, Dal-Joon (Player--inducted 1983)
LEE, He-ja (Player--inducted 1984)
LEE, Y.C. (Contributor--inducted 1999)
(Player--inducted 2008)
MALEK, Attila (Player--inducted 2000)
MARTINEZ, Patty (Player--inducted 1993)
MASTERS, Brian (Player--inducted 2010)
MATTHEWS (SCHUSSHEIM), Mark (Player--inducted 1979)
McAFEE, Richard (Contributor--inducted 2005)
*McCLURE, Jimmy (Player--inducted 1966)--Parts I and II
McILWAIN, Mary (Contributor--inducted 1994)
McQUEEN Jim (Contributor--inducted 2011)
*MILES, Dick (Player--inducted 1966)--Parts I and II
MILLER, Tom (Official--inducted 2001)
MONNESS, Reba (Player--inducted 1981)
MOSKOWITZ, Manny (Contributor--inducted 1994)
NASH, Garrett Gray (Player--inducted 1991)
*NEUBERGER, Leah (Player--inducted 1966)
NEWGARDEN, Joe (Contributor--inducted 2007)
NIPPON TAKKYU CO., LTD. (Contributor--inducted 1988)
NGUYEN, KHOA (Player--inducted 2006)
O'NEILL, Sean (Player--inducted 2007)
P. BECKER AND CO. (Contributor--inducted 1981)
PAGLIARO, Lou (Player--inducted 1979)--Part I
PECORA, DANNY (Player--inducted 2006)
PINNER, Edward (Player--inducted 1985)--Part I
PRAGER, Marty (Contributor--inducted 2005)
PRICE, William R. (Contributor--inducted 1980)
PROUTY, Sally Green (Player--inducted 1979)
PURVES, Jessie "Jay" (Player--inducted 1979)
RATHER, Jasna (Player--inducted 2011)
READ, John (Official--inducted 1989)--Part I
*REISMAN, Marty (Player--inducted 1981)--Part I
SAKAI, David (Player--inducted 2004)
SAKAI, Donna Chaimson (Player--inducted 1996)
SCHEIN, George (Official--inducted 1980)
*SCHIFF, Sol (Player--inducted 1966)--Part I
SCOTT, Dr. Michael (Contributor--inducted 1999)
*SEEMILLER, Danny (Player--inducted 1995)
SEEMILLER, Ricky (Player--inducted 1998)
SEIDENFELD, Mitch (Player--inducted 2010)
SHAHIAN, Mildred (Player--inducted 1980)
SHIPMAN, Midred Wilkinson (Player--inducted 1984)
SMYTH, Neil (Contributor--inducted 1996)
SOLTESZ, Olga (Player--inducted 2007)
SOMAEL, John (Player--inducted 1983)--Part I
SOMAEL, Pauline Robinson (Player--inducted 1991)
*SOMMER, Thelma "Tybie" (Player--inducted 1980)--Part I
STEENHOVEN, Graham (Official--inducted 1988)--Part I
STOCKWELL, Wendy Hicks (Player--inducted 1994)
SUSSMAN, Cy (Player--inducted 1985)--Part I
SWEERIS, Connie (Player--inducted 1987) - Updated Aug. 10, 2004
SWEERIS, Dell (Player--inducted 1987) - Updated Aug. 10, 2004
TAMASU CO., LTD. (Contributor--inducted 1987)
TANNEHILL, John (Player--inducted 2005)
(Player--inducted 2008)
VARGA, John (Contributor--inducted 1980)--Part I
VAN DE WALLE, Norbert (Player--inducted 2004)
WANG, Wei (Player--inducted 2002)
WALK, Bill (Contributor--inducted 2010)
WASSERMAN, SI (Contributor--inducted 2006)
WILSON, Sharlene Krizman (Player--inducted 1997)
YIP, Lily (Player--inducted 2004)
ZEISBERG, Carl (Official--inducted 1981)--Parts I and II
ZHUANG, David (Player--inducted 2003)

Mark Matthews Lifetime Achievement Award

  • 1999: Bobby Gusikoff
  • 2000: Sol Schiff
  • 2001: Jimmy McClure
  • 2002: Dick Miles
  • 2003: Marty Reisman
  • 2004: J. Rufford Harrison
  • 2005: Neuberger, Leah Thall and Sommer, Thelma "Tybie" Thall
  • 2006: Joseph R. "Tim" Boggan
  • 2007: George Braithwaite
  • 2008 *Danny Seemiller
  • 2009 Houshang Bozorgzadeh
  • 2010 Fred Danner
  • 2011 Mal Anderson